Ark is a social enterprise that provides evidence-based intervention for children with autism. 

We provide a community for families living with autism, supporting and training caregivers. 

We equip and collaborate with organisations to create inclusive communities. 


Because every child has the rights to early intervention. 

Because every child can find his voice and make meaningful connections in our community. 

Because every caregiver can be supported and empowered to create the best outcome for his child. 

Because everyone can play a part to create an inclusive community. 


social skills groups (pre-school and primary school groups) Every sunday! 

1-1 home-based ABA therapy

early intervention groups (ages 3-6)

shadow support in schools

trainings (online or face to face) for caregivers 

 module creation and trainings for equipping organizations on effective outreach to the special needs community 

events and activities in the ark community for families living with autism

platform for volunteers to contribute to our community 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) opportunities for corporate organizations through inclusive training and volunteering

For more information on our services, please contact: contact@arksg.org



For more information on our early intervention class, email contact@arksg.org to check availability. 

For more information on our weekly social skills group, email contact@arksg.org to check availability. 


This Covid19 season especially the Circuit Breaker has been tough times for families of children with autism. With everyone staying home, we know that parents have to address the increase in anxiety and behaviors of their children as well as  juggle with the demands of work. During this season, ARK stands with you, so families can cope and children with autism can thrive. On our online platform, we provide free access to evidence-based strategies for you to help your child in the current situation: 

Setting up daily routines. (Providing structure and clarity amidst the changes.)

Regulating emotions and behaviors. (Providing self-regulating and coping skills with increased anxiety and behaviors.)

 Our support comes with free online parent support, individualised guides and downloadable notes. 

Register now. (Limited spaces only!) 

Invitation for parents of children with autism/developmental issues only. 


2nd April is Autism Awareness Day. Do you know that 1 in 150 children in Singapore has autism? We want to recognize and celebrate individuals with Autism and we want to invite you to play your part to be an inclusive community. Increase your awareness and acceptance of Autism today.

In celebration of Autism Awareness Day, join our online modules for month of April 2020. 

Online Module 1: Autism Awareness (30 min)

What is Autism all about? Facts and Figures of Autism. 

How can we understand persons with Autism? What are the core symptoms of Autism? What are the red flags of autism that parents need to be aware of? Why is it important for children with Autism to get a diagnosis and receive early intervention?

Online Module 2: Autism Acceptance (30 min)

Immerse yourself in our scenario-based stories. What would you do in each scenario to help create an inclusive community for persons with Autism?

Optional online Q & A sessions are provided where learners can videoconference our consultants if they have any questions regarding the topics in the modules.

Register at https://forms.gl/YVpRe2n7Wf8ub8zf8


ARK presents a complimentary talk at the Enabling Village Caregivers Pod on the 25 May 3-5pm in collaboration with Parent Support Group (children with special needs).

Register now!  Limited spaces only


ARK presents a complimentary online Q & A session for caregivers.

LeapForGood Receipient

We are honored to be selected for the "Leap for Good" by raiSE (Singapore Centre of Social Enterprise), an initiative for social enterpreneurs to support caregivers by addressing emerging social needs in Singapore.  

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